Teach Your Children About Home Safety

This article is from the Hawk Security blog.

It’s important for our children to be safe and prepared in an emergency. Teach your children about home security and the ways they can help if ever there is an emergency.

o   Tell Them About 911

Teach your children how to call 911. Explain in detail the situations that would be considered an emergency. It’s important that children understand the proper time a 911 call is needed so they can react accordingly. Also, explain to your children what will happen when they call emergency authorities so they understand what to expect in a scary situation. Make sure they know how to dial the number and are fully prepared for any emergency.

  Remind Them To Lock Doors And Windows

Children can be careless about home security, leaving doors and windows unlocked without a thought. Teach them to lock doors behind them and remind them how important it is to lock up when leaving home. If your children are ever home alone, always instruct them to keep doors and windows locked.

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o   Show Them How To Use The Alarm System

Your children need to understand how to work the alarm system to keep your home safe. It is important they know how to activate and deactivate the alarm. Observe them using the system, so that you’re fully comfortable with them knowing how to work it. Your children should know how to work the system and explain how it works.

o   Show Them How To Use Any Surveillance Cameras

Home security cameras are invaluable tools that keep you aware of everything happening in your home. Teach your children how to use them to make sure the house is secure. Children may attempt to cover a security camera if they think they might get into trouble. It is essential your children know this is not a good idea and that the cameras should never be tampered with.

o   Instruct Them How To Handle Strangers

Teach your children to address visitors through the intercom system and make sure they know never to open the door for anyone.

Inform children of basic safety procedures to keep them safe. Give them the tools they need to protect themselves. Explain how emergency authorities work and how to contact them in an emergency. Reviewing information about your home security system will keep them aware and prepared for any emergency.

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