Imagine with me for a moment…

You’ve just gotten home from work. Changed into some comfy clothes, grabbed a snack and sat down on the couch.

**Ding Dong**Knock Knock Knock**

***Explicit Language***

Now, you’re either 1 of 2 kinds of people.

  1. You either answer the door. — or — 2. You ignore it and stay on the couch.

If you’re person #2, you may be opening yourself up to more danger without realizing it.

The chances of whoever is at your door being someone who means harm, are very slim.

But, most times criminals do knock, or ring your doorbell, when they first approach your home.

It’s how the determine if someone is home.

so when you completely ignore the fact someone is at your door, what message are you sending them?

That’s right…you’re telling them no one is home!

Why would you willingly put yourself into a situation where someone might kick open your door and come face-to-face with you?!

It’s not going to be a pleasant encounter!

What if you could secure your home AND answer your door, from wherever you are?

From your couch. From the grocery store. From work. From across the country.

With our GoHawk Smart Home Security System and Video Doorbell, you can do just that!


When someone rings your doorbell, you get Live Video on your phone and can also speak with whoever is there.

They never know whether you’re home or not. For all they know, you’re sitting on the couch.

You can even track when packages are delivered and verify if someone is stealing your packages from your doorstep.



For a limited time you can get our state-of-the-art security system with video doorbell FOR LESS THAN $2 a day!

Here’s what you’ll get…

Our GoHawk Smart Home Security System includes:

  • 24/7 Wireless Communication – regardless if phones, internet or power goes out, you’re covered!
  • 2-Way Voice Response – the second the alarm is activated we can hear and verify intruders inside your home. This mean police responser faster!
  • Crash & Smash Technology – patented technology notifies us of an emergency situation, even if an attempt to destroy the system is made. There’s no way to by-pass the system!
  • Remote Mobile Management – check in and control your entire system from the palm of your hand, from wherever you are. Real-time notifications when events occur. Alerts if alarm is not armed by a certain time. Alerts when the kids come home. And more…
  • Power Outage Alerts – when the power goes out, the system stays up, and you’re notified you’ve lost power. If someone attempts to cut power to your home at night before breaking in, you’re notified and aware!
  • Severe Weather Alerts – maybe sever weather is approaching while you’re sleeping. You’re notified so you can take shelter.
  • Flood Monitoring – you’ve got ice makes, sinks, dishwashers, A/C in the attic, numerous items in your home that could leak and flood your home, causing major damage. Now you’re notified the minute something happens, so you can GET AHEAD of the problem.


  • Live video when someone rings your doorbell
  • Answer and communicate with visitors from wherever you are
  • Track when packages get delivered
  • Verify if someone actually stole your package from your doorstep
  • Unlock the door (if we integrate our smart deadbolt with the system)
  • And more…


Right now, for a limited time, you’re getting ALL THAT for LESS THAN $2 per day!

You can’t beat that with a stick!!


What to do next?

Contact me to schedule your FREE Security Assessment.

I will combine the layout and functionality of your home, with what you are looking for in a security system, to ensure you’re fully protected and all your concerns are met.

Please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ this opportunity with your friends and loved ones so that, together, we can help protect and make the world a safer place, one home at a time.


Click Here To Contact Me Now To Schedule Your Security Assessment Or Answer Any Questions.


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