Answer Your Door…Wherever You Are

Imagine with me for a moment... You've just gotten home from work. Changed into some comfy clothes, grabbed a snack and sat down on the couch. **Ding Dong**Knock Knock Knock** ***Explicit Language*** Now, you're either 1 of 2 kinds of people. You either answer the door. -- or -- 2. You ignore it and stay … Continue reading Answer Your Door…Wherever You Are


Hawk Security Educator’s Program

👩🏼‍🏫 TEACHERS 🏀 COACHES 📖 EDUCATORSHouston, East Texas, Austin, Dallas, And All Around --  If you're looking into Home Security, or looking to see what else available from who you currently use, I WANT TO GIVE BACK TO YOU.  Lord knows, I've had some AMAZING teachers in my life!  We have the best Educator Program … Continue reading Hawk Security Educator’s Program